MICR and Impact

MICR, Multistrike, Numbering, Typewriter film, Correction Lift-off Tape, Custom Coatings

Palmetto Imaging technology, LLC is an industry leader and manufacturer in Solvent Coating of MICR jumbo rolls, Multistrike Mylar jumbo rolls, Correctable jumbo rolls and Correction Tape jumbo roll Products. Palmetto Imaging Technology, LLC is a MICR ribbon manufacturer, Alphanumeric ribbon manufacturer, Numbering ribbon manufacturer, Correction Tape manufacturer, Correctable ribbon manufacturer, Correctable ribbon cassette manufacturer, typewriter ribbon manufacturer and Multistrike ribbon manufacturer (mylar ribbon manufacturer).

We are a proven source for contract solvent coating. Our facility operates four solvent coating machines in a state of the art climate controlled room. We use slot tube and gravure roll coating techniques to coat to required specifications.

We house an impressive line of film converting and slitting machines. We use these converting and slitting machines to make products to customer engineered specifications. We offer contract slitting for any film based products, especially polyester (mylar) and polyethylene based ribbon products.

Kerning Data Systems
Burroughs S690 cassette
Burroughs DP30/NDP110 cassette
Atlantic Zeiser
Coda Print

Regular MICR to meet E13B and CMC7 font requirements
MICR with indelible and Fluorescent security options
Red Numbering
Black Numbering
Numbering ribbons with indelible and fluorescent security options
Invisible numbering ribbons
Multistrike 32 gauge
Multistrike 92 gauge
Correctable Typewriter film
Liftoff Correction film (dry type)
Contract Coating

Impact Ribbon Business
(MICR, Numbering, Multistrike, typewriter film, custom coating)
V.P. Impact and Facilities Operations  Jack W. Crayne Р803-635-9799 ext 244, jcrayne@pitsc.com
 account executive: Adam Perez Р803-635-9799 ext 212, adam.perez@pitsc.com














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