Thermal Transfer

Thermal Transfer Business Introduction:
Fujicopian Japan and FCUSA have reached an agreement to appoint PIT (Palmetto Imaging Technology, LLC) as the Exclusive Distributor of TTR business in North and South America. This change will ultimately lead to a better service proposition and a more competitive offering in the demanding Thermal Transfer Ribbon growth markets of North and South America.
Effective May 17th, 2013, the Thermal transfer ribbon (TTR) business of Fujicopian USA shall be handled by PIT in this region. PIT has been a business partner of Fujicopian for many years. PIT previously acquired the NA/SA impact ribbon business of Fujicopian Japan in 2002 and also acts as a converter/partner of FC USA on TTR jumbo rolls to slit rolls.
The effective date of the change to PIT was May 17, 2013. The change largely will be transparent to existing customers and communication will be the same.
Fujicopian Japan will continue to offer their customary support to PIT in the same manner they always have to FC USA. It is our intention to continue to increase our market share in these regions through the Exclusive Distributorship of PIT on Fujicopian’s TTR Products.

Premium Resin Enhanced Wax: PTX 100+
This product has been instrumental to our success in the North American Premium ribbon market. Our product meets or exceeds performance of all the major TTR producers in this segment but at SIGNIFICANT Savings! Our product offers the darkest of dark images, high performance ink and back coating and delivers near wax resin durability for those demanding market applications.. Prints on a wide variety of TTR substrates including demanding flood coats.
Economy Wax: PTX117
With market conditions of base PET film in good supply, the North American TTR market has now seen the emergence of a Economic wax alternative at price levels of 20 to 30% lower than Premium TTR products in the market….now that’s savings! Our Economy Wax product targets main stream market applications with printing speeds of 2 ” to 8″ per second. Ideally targeted for use with leading manufacturers of coated thermal transfer tags and label. PTX117 offers incredible durability with outstanding dark dense user preferred images! Don’t let the price fool you…it’s an outstanding product for the value.
Premium Wax Resin: PTX210
Looking for a Quality Premium Wax resin that offers great printing latitude over a wide variety of substrates? Every TTR manufacturer has a good wax resin product but they generally work with a specific set of matched substrates. Want one product that works over many different substrates especially non traditional Thermal Transfer sheets and offers good durability? PTX210 is your answer for a ribbon with lower cost of ownership and also operates with a nice printing window equal or better than industry standards in this class!
Performance Resin: FTX303
Fujicopian invented this formula over 20 years ago and it has become industry standard in entry level resin printing applications. The first resin ribbon in it’s class that can be printed at low print head energy, higher resin type print speeds and great printing latitude. Great durability and chemical resistance for its’ class. It’s been around for that long for a reason… works and it’s competitively priced!
Continuing our commitment to Customer Service
In order to service our increased demand for our products, we are pleased to introduce Adam Perez to our Sales Team. Adam has been with PIT for 5 years and now enters the wonderful world of sales! We’re sure you’ll be pleased with his awesome personality along with the great sales and service philosophy that has made us successful . Adam will be reaching out to introduce himself to your account but in the meantime feel free to contact him at 1-800-441-3854 ext 212 or email him He would be happy to get you samples or pricing on any of the above products. Thanks Again for your continued support!
Your team at Palmetto Imaging Technology!