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Why is a Dating App effective, By Developers Who’ve Built 15+ of those

Why is a Dating App effective, By Developers Who’ve Built 15+ of those

We’ve dipped our feet in several industries, but there’s something special concerning the pool that is dating. To date, STRV has generated a amount of a unique top-rated relationship apps (like Surge and Zoe) and contains helped produce or expand significantly more than 15 dating apps for the partners—including some big names we’re perhaps not at freedom to mention.

Why is dating apps exciting for developers and designers is the fact that concept that is fundamental easy yet malleable. We’re constantly astonished because of the tips which our lovers bring our method, some ideas that provide us territories that are new explore in a global we understand very well.

Only at that point, it is reasonable to express we’ve learned a lot. We’ve seen thrilling ideas fail and also had to figure down why. We’ve seen surprising successes that slowly exposed habits which we currently utilize as guides. And through the years, we’ve been in a position to categorize many of these learnings into ten categories that are main.

To collect as much information that you can, we talked to STRV Co-founder Martin Stava, Frontend Platform Lead Danny Kijkov and Surge CEO Jakub Sedlak. However before we go into the important points, only a little regarding how this dating application trend at STRV started.

STRV Co-founder Martin Stava and Frontend Platform Lead Danny Kijkov


You will find too numerous customer tasks to go over in one single article, so let’s focus regarding the dating apps we’ve made from scratch, and exactly how it simply happened.

STRV began toying by having a dating that is mobile-first in a time of dating sites. These websites had been centered on users seeing a grid that is large of, choosing whom they wished to contact, and planning cool. Continue reading